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Dealing with waste and limited resources on the islands

Recycling of plastic waste, as you are used to at home, does not yet exist in Cape Verde. The consciousness of waste avoidance is increasing on the islands; however this needs to be implemented within educational programmes in local schools.

Cabo Verde is on its way....

Thus, it is our environmental concern to leave as little plastic waste as possible on the islands. We feel responsible to contribute to the common welfare and commit ourselves to preserve the environment. In doing so, you can support us:

  • Use a reusable water bottle to refill whenever possible. In the same way, reusable lunchboxes can help to prevent garbage, such as when you buy fresh products at the market.
  • Buy the big canisters for your drinking water supply and refill them into your drinking bottle. Water is offered everywhere in 5l canisters which is better than buying ten times 0.5l water bottles.
  • Bring your empty water bottles to the local market or leave them in your room next to the rubbish bin. The market-ladies refill them for example with beans in it for sale and "recycle" likewise in a Cape Verdean style.
  • Take cotton bags with you for grocery shopping.
  • Use an "all in one" soap instead of a selection of personal care products like shower gel, hair shampoo etc. There are all-in-one soaps and shampoos available especially for travellers.
  • Bring back "your trash" like empty sunscreen bottles or other plastics as they will be recycled at home.
  • If necessary, dispose your garbage in bigger cities (Mindelo, Praia) rather than in remote villages such as on Santo Antão.
  • Largest social problem has always been the dramatic water shortage; please be careful with tap water. Do not let the tap or the shower just run. On many islands there is no natural drinking water, every drop is desalinated which is quite expensive.
  • In most cases, electricity is still produced by generators and therefore by diesel oil. Again, it is obvious to be aware of using electricity. Air conditioning units use a lot of electricity. Some accommodations use solar energy during the day.


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