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We are very proud that we are still alive despite this particular time.
More than ever it is essential for the country and the people to pursue the philosophy of sustainable tourism together with our many local service partners on spot.
The year 2023 has started very well. We also have guests in summer who appreciate this time of year. Besides the local festivals, the turtle egg-laying is certainly a highlight during these months.

We look forward to seeing you!
Heike Alter
Mindelo, summer, 2023
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vista verde tours
Brava with vista verde tours
Fischer mit Angel auf den Klippen
Brava with vista verde tours
Brava with vista verde tours
üppige Hügellandschaft im satten gruen
Brava with vista verde tours
idyllischer Küstenort auf der Blumeninsel Brava
Brava with vista verde tours
Flora Brava - ein Blütenmeer


Stunning landscapes on the flower island Brava

Nova Sintra on Brava
mango trees on Brava
coastal scenery on Brava
Klippen auf Brava

Brava with vista verde tours


As the fast ferry adjusts its timetable to the weather conditions, any visit to the island requires a high degree of flexibility.

Brava (en: “wild”) with its 64 km² is the smallest and greenest of the 9 inhabited islands. It is located in the south-west of the archipelago and can only be reached by ferry.
It still shows clear volcanic remnants, the interior and coast are very rugged. Splendid mountains are complemented by deep valleys.

Brava is characterized by its purity, varied landscapes and plateaus, which turn out to be a hiking paradise. Brava is located in the lee of the neighbouring island Fogo, resulting in frequent misty or foggy conditions which contribute to the creation of this fresh, green oasis.

You can find colourful flowers everywhere and the harmonious hilly landscapes resemble southern European scenes.

The peaceful coastal town Faja d'Agua has remained largely unchanged since the colonial era. The old mansions in Vila Nova Sintra are still as they were in colonial times when the Portuguese established their residences with beautiful gardens. The ferry that serves Brava is greatly influenced by weather and sea conditions, therefore any visit to the island requires a high degree of flexibility.


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