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vista verde tours: our engagement

Our engagement:
Altruism at vista verde tours

The development of local community-based tourism is of the utmost concern to us. We try to work closely with local NGOs and associations, as well as local developmental and recycling projects. Social engagement with a focus on sustainable agriculture, species and environmental protection is very important to us at vista verde tours.

vista verde tours: our engagement in Ribeira Bote

Our social engagement…


…for example at Ribeira Bote in Mindelo:

There are around 5,000 people living in the suburb of Ribeira Bote in Mindelo, the capital of the island of São Vicente. Many years ago vista verde tours and the street worker Frey Silvino developed alternative city tours through this area in order to provide an insider’s view of the life of the people living there. Through this project, the area and the living conditions of the locals have been improved dramatically. Some years ago this suburb was rather “dangerous”. Nowadays many artists and small craft shops have settled there. Former tin shelters (“casa tambores”) have been brightened up with very colourful paint and social conditions have improved as well.

Today, a better future, community and progress shape the flair and character of Ribeira Bote. All revenue goes directly to the kindergarten, schools and other local facilities.

This social engagement represents only one of several projects that we support directly or indirectly.

vista verde tours: our engagement - Simili recycling projec

Our environmental engagement…

…for example the Simili recycling project:

Former colleagues of vista verde tours have created an upcycling project, which we passionately support. The mission of Simili is to change and re-use rubbish in a different way, to give waste another use. The focus is to engage local people and teach them how to live in a more environmentally conscious way and turn former waste into an economic benefit. Rubbish can be turned into a commodity - the aim is to create quality products with a social value as well as to change attitudes towards garbage.

Cape Verde is full of artists, craftspeople and designers that always have used garbage in a creative way. Another objective of Simili is to show the consumer that Cape Verdean art is to be appreciated and is of high value.

We are convinced that this platform is part of the future of the country. Together we can create a better tomorrow, with less rubbish in the archipelago.

Anyone interested can find out more here:

vista verde tours: our engagement

Our engagement within vista verde tours…

…for example, receiving donations from our travellers:

Quite often we are asked by our guests what they can bring from home in order to support Cape Verdeans. Donations are always welcome and we prefer donations in kind that we can distribute in a fair and controlled basis. If you would like to help, please bring things along that you are not using anymore - or maybe that are simply surplus to requirements.

Here is our up-to-date list of items that would be useful for Cape Verdean locals:

Currently (as of Spring 2022):

  • Used hiking boots (for local guides)
  • Backpacks for local guides
  • (Commercial) pencils & pens (for school kids)
  • Plasters, disinfection spray
  • Vitamin-tablets (to be dissolved in water)
  • Footballs and tyre inflators
  • Hats for sun protection (caps, hats etc.)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Our commitments in the social sector using the example of Ribeira Bote in Mindelo. A short documentary about a district in transition:

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