Welcome to vista verde tours – the travel expert of Cape Verde!

We are very proud of being able to launch our new website despite these difficult times. It is of high importance to us as we truly believe in the touristic future of this country. More than ever we – together with all our local service partners – pursue the philosophy of sustainable tourism.
Since the beginning of the crisis we have supported many families and local people thanks to our crowd funding action.
Now we are going to focus on our first travellers by establishing the common hygienic standards together with our service partners.
Each guest should be able to experience a beautiful and memorable holiday again.
I wish you a lot of fun browsing through our new site and I hope to see you soon!
Warm regards
Heike Alter
Mindelo, September 2020
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vista verde tours
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vista verde tours was founded in 2005! Over the years until today we have established a well working network of service partners. On almost all islands we have contracted staff – a competent multicultural and multilingual team.

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According to your taste, you can explore and discover the 9 islands of the archipelago together with us. We are focusing on showing our guests the country, its people and its culture, by various hikes and excursions throughout stunning and diverse landscapes.

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In order to achieve authentic experiences we are using local guides that show our guests their home islands from their perspective. As the expert on site we are present on all islands in order to know all our service partners in person and to guarantee consistent quality.

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One of our emphases is to organize hiking trips for all difficulty levels throughout all Cape Verdean islands. Each island offers different natural circumstances; hence the sentence “one country – ten destinations” (incl. the uninhabited island Santa Luzia) is absolutely true.


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Our tourism and our travel philosophy are based on the criteria of sustainable tourism with environmental and social approaches. We are for example TourCert committed, support many local projects, never give only seasonal contracts to our staff and put a high emphasis on fair and respectful contact with the whole team.

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But we do not always want to talk things nicely, because finding the balance between profitability, integrity and identity of our standards is a daily challenge! It is a never-ending process to fix the philosophy of sustainable tourism here on site. We do that with loads of vigour and passion.


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We organize trips at eye level

We prefer to use small and medium-sized accommodation that is either privately owned or belonging to small hotel chains. Our selection of accommodation has its focus on leaving as much revenue as possible within the country. We work closely with our partners to support them continuously improving their accommodation. This is happening by constant counselling and frequent exchange. We also provide counselling and advice in the areas of energy and water reduction such as by implementing low flow showers, energy sufficient lamps and use of local products. We attach great importance to the fair treatment of their staff. It must be ensured that all employees have equal access to health and pension benefits by paying all social insurance contributions.

We favour restaurants that use regional products and support the local and traditional cuisine. We have a mentoring role with our restaurant service partners in two areas: we encourage restaurants to choose or rediscover local products and we support them to maintain national hygiene requirements.

We have made a conscious decision NOT to have our own transport-fleet, in order to give small local enterprises and small entrepreneurs the possibility to participate in tourism. We select and support partners who meet our criteria for security of the vehicle, permanent maintenance of the treads, frequent checks, legal tourist transportation permits, vehicle inspection stickers, equipment and service quality, e.g. punctuality and fair dealings with the drivers, is essential to us.

vista verde tours has a pool of well trained and educated local Guides, that partly speak German, but always English. One or the other has additional language skills (e.g. French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, etc.). It is important for us that our Local Insiders are responsible and motivated to provide detailed information about their home country. A continuous expansion of the know-how is guaranteed by frequent workshops, trainings and coaching. The majority of our guides have worked with us for many years.

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vista verde tours is a responsible and very much engaged incoming agency with its focus on round trips for individual travellers and for groups on Cape Verde. The emphasis lies on the islands that have not yet developed a mass tourism à la all inclusive.

Cultural exchange, intensive natural experiences and encounters come to the fore. Our trips are aligned with respect to preserve the natural resources and the environment, they are characterized by local value added and the respectful treatment of nature and human being.

Additionally, we support the preservation of the cultural heritage and organize concerts, visit local artists and painters with our guests, realize dance workshops (e.g. Coladeira) and use office furniture that had been built by local craftsmen and carpenters.

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vista verde tours has been recognized as an official member of the TourCert agency for sustainability on 25th of February 2015. Since the foundation in 2005 we pursue the aim to act social responsibly and ecologically on Cape Verde, which is not always that easy. The certification motivates us to continue heading down this road. The biggest challenge is the active support of developing a sustainable consciousness our service partners such as accommodation and restaurants.

Our current project is to counsel our local accommodation with respect to increasing their quality by implementing sustainable and ecological tools through a hotel evaluation.


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