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Events on Cabo Verde

Public holidays, events and festivals


Cape Verdeans across the country always find a reason to celebrate, whether it is due to religion, tradition or family occasions. The Cape Verdeans love to party, so do not miss the chance to join them!
Below you will find some of the major events (subject to changes):

Events Cape Verde - Nho Djunga

  • January 01: New Year ("Ano Novo")- On the islands it is celebrated twice, on 31.12 and 01.01
  • January 13: Triumph of Democracy ("Dia da Democracia")
  • January 15: Municipal festival in Tarrafal, Santiago
  • January 17: Congregation in Cidade Velha, Santiago
  • January 17: Municipal festival in Ribeira Grande, Santo Antão
  • January 20: Day of the National Heroes (“Dia dos Heróis ")
  • January 22: City Festival in Mindelo, São Vicente
Events Cape Verde - February/March

  • February / March: Carnival (mainly Mindelo and São Nicolao, but also Porto Novo, Praia, São Filipe and Santa Maria)
  • March 27: Women`s Day
  • March / April: Easter, like in Europe
  • April 13: Santo Antonio in Prequiça, São Nicolau
Events Cape Verde - Kriol Jazz Festival

  • April: Kriol Jazz Festival in Praia, Santiago
  • May 01: Labor Day ("Dia dos Trabalhadores")
  • Last week in April till May 01: Festa de São Filipe, Fogo (the largest festival of the island with sporting events, traditional rituals and concerts)
  • May 03: Public holiday in Santa Cruz
  • May 13: Nossa Senhora de Fatima, district festival in Assomada, Santiago
  • May 13: Local festival in Ribeira do Paúl, Santo Antão
  • May 19: Municipal festival in the municipal capitals, city festival of Praia, Santiago
Events Cape Verde - June

  • June 01: International Children's Day ("Dia Internacional da Criança")
  • June 13: Paúl County Festival, Santo Antão
  • June 14: Municipal Festival in Porto Novo (Santo Antão), São João Festival on Boa Vista
  • June 24: Boa Vista Island Festival
  • June 24: Anniversary on Brava ("São João”)
Events Cape Verde - July, August, September

  • July 04: Community Festival on Boa Vista
  • July 05: Independence Day ("Dia de Independência")
  • Mid-July: "Kavala Fresk Festvial" in Mindelo, São Vicente
  • 1st weekend of August: Music Festival in Tarrafal, São Nicolau
  • Early August: Summer carnival in Mindelo, São Vicente
  • August, first weekend after full moon: Music festival in Baia das Gatas (São Vicente)
  • September 15: Island Festival on Sal
  • Mid-September: Festival Santa Maria, Sal
  • Second half of September: Festival Mindelact, the largest theater festival in Africa
Events Cape Verde - Oct., Nov., Dec.

  • November 01: All Saints Day ("Todos-os-Santos")
  • November 25: Assomada and district Santa Catarina, festival in the honor of Santa Catarina
  • End Nov: URDI Mindelo, Handcraft market
  • December 16: São Filipe district festival, Fogo
  • December 25: Christmas ("Natal")
  • December 31: New Year's Eve ("Fim do Ano")


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